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Whose rights are they? Employer v Employee + Networking

Knowing rights from wrongs: Payroll, Pensions and Employment Law + Networking

We’ve got two hugely knowledgeable speakers - Katie Linstead and Peter Knight - lined up to share their expertise and war stories on the perils and pleasures of getting employment right. From hiring to firing and payroll to pensions – it’s all mission critical when you’re running a small or medium sized business. So this is an excellent opportunity to check your knowledge over a glass of wine, plus do some great networking.


Direct your business down the right path for payroll & pensions
with Katie Linstead

Penalties for non-compliance of payroll and pensions obligations can cripple a business, so it’s essential you know what to earmark for careful consideration and to monitor that obligations are being met.

Prevention isn’t the only factor to consider – getting your payroll and pensions offering right can result in a more engaged workforce to support growth and productivity.

Katie will pinpoint what’s mission critical – regardless of whether your payroll function is internal or outsourced.

Sorting out rights from wrongs in Basic Employment Law
With Peter Knight

Understanding basic employment law is a joy compared to the dangers of getting it wrong.  

Whether you’re in charge of a small, medium or microbusiness the rules are the same and it’s better to know where the boundaries are before you step over them.

Peter will outline the essential legal cornerstones, plus share some sobering stories on getting it wrong and the costs.

Plus it’s an opportunity to do your elevator pitch and make new connections in a very congenial environment.