Mastering the art of "Business Growth Rising Spirals"

Tim Brown, Business Coach London is one of our ‘fireside’ guests at The London Group on 27th February 2019 - topic: Finish Big: How to exit your company on top!

Tim published a really informative article last year - Business Growth and Rising Spirals – looking at all the aspects and stages of successfully growing a business. It’s packed with great tips and insights, addressing the question:

“Why is it that the failure rate of businesses in years 1-5 is pretty similar to the failure rate of businesses in years 6-10? Why is there no ‘experience dividend’ leading to the failure rate tailing off?”

Interestingly Tim starts with the importance of understanding your own behaviour type, after all the personalities of the people leading a business do have a massive impact on the culture of the organisation as well as their own personal choices in what they do and don’t do – working in and on the business.

The article then expands on the 7 challenges and stages to acheive sustainable business growth with some excellent tips.

Read the full article: Business Growth and Rising Spirals